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Welcome and thank you for visiting our site. We hope you find our information useful and look forward to any comments or requests you may have regarding the full line of services our company has to offer.

We have built our company relying on many previous clients and our team of employees always provide exceptional workmanship and project management through the entire remodeling process. Our staff has multiple certification credentials and are constantly acquiring continued education in all areas that improve their performance and capabilities.

Our company has created Professional Services that include basic site evaluations, budgeting detail evaluations and design, that allow us to provide you the consumer with accurate budgeting and specifications for the project you desire. The old school way of thinking that suggests multiple estimates is very misleading to the consumer. Residential projects lack detailed specifications and drawings that are required to enable any professional to compile accurate cost budgets.

When our services are used the variables are reduced to specifics and proper tasks or allocations for items are spelled out and appropriate dollars are allotted for all items the project would require. NO HIDDEN SURPRISES, unlike free estimates that are full of holes and lack details. We will be thorough and price a complete project unless other arrangements are agreed upon. FIXED PRICE CONTRACTS. Our projects come in on time, on budget unless additional work is added to the scope. Changes are required to be agreed upon in writing.

We are capable of giving so called "Free Estimates" however we recommend alternative accurate methods be used. With the many choices and variables that exist today, more than ever before, professional guidance is suggested. Without specific information being provided by the client at the first visit, we are not able, nor is anyone else of providing real numbers for work requested. This is a waste of your time and ours.

Our design and estimate services offer you the opportunity to select the level of service that best fits your need. This allows us to draw your project and specify what goes in it and how it will be constructed. If you contract with our company to produce the work, the design/estimate fees paid will be applied in full towards the working proposal total cost.

Once the budgets have been established and the design has been approved you may select to proceed or to alter the design and budget to fit your desires. At the same time, this process allows you the consumer the opportunity to become familiar with our company, and us with you. We determine any special communication needs and we can become comfortable with each other prior to entering into a contractual agreement.

We have found that this arrangement usually turns into a wonderful working relationship and a pleasant experience for you the consumer.

Please allow us the opportunity to provide you with the most desirable end result and most return on your investment.

We have a solid reputation and will forward references upon request. Many of our peers respect our ability enough to refer clients to us, they know they will be in good hands.

We appreciate new clients, as they are the lifeblood of our business and we are always grateful for repeat business.

We look forward to serving you.


Jeffrey L. Hurst, CR

Jay B. Hurst, CR